Sunday, November 1, 2009

Configuring Yahoo smallbusiness website for Blogger account

  1. Log into account on
  2. Select the "Manage" tab
  3. Select the "File Manager" tab and create a new directory (e.g. naturallogofx)
    • If desired, the directory could be made private which would restrict access to users that have permission
      1. Select "Manage Subdomains"
      2. Create a new subdomain (e.g. naturallogofx)
    • Ensure that the subdomain is pointed to the correct directory
      1. Select "Advanced DNS Settings"
      2. Create CNAME record
        Source: naturallogofx
      3. At this point my Blogger account reported that my new subdomain was properly configured. However, the Blogger instructions indicate that making A records is useful, but when I tried the following the CNAME record was deleted and Blogger reported bad configuration
    • Create A records
      Source: naturallogofx

      Repeat for the following IP addresses

      • Reading the instructions more carefully it might be that this particular configuration would be useful if the blog is the main content on the original domain.

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