Monday, November 2, 2009

More Blogger testing

The original plan for this blog was to use FTP publishing rather than using a custom domain. However, the present solution is a custom domain where the pages are hosted on Blogger. This means that I must publish articles via the Blogger interface which was a problem a few days ago because of line breaks and odd HTML behavior.

Just today someone pointed out that a newer Blogger interface could be used. There were two advertised steps:

  1. Select the new editor
    • Navigate to Settings|Basic
    • Choose updated editor for Select post editor
    • Save settings
  2. Deactivate line break conversion
    • Navigate to Settings|Formatting
    • Choose No for Convert line breaks
    • Save settings

The initial tests with this very post showed that the line breaks were being converted to hard breaks. Then I discovered a solution, at least for this post:

  1. Workaround
    • Navigate to Posting|New Post
      • Enter HTML content
    • Open Post Options
    • Choose Ignore newlines under Edit HTML Settings
    • Publish post

Now the authoring-publishing flow is

  • Write post using emacs in orgmode
  • Select contents (without including headline)
  • Export region as HTML fragment using C-u M-x org-export-region-as-html
  • Copy HTML buffer to the Blogger interface for a new post in the "Edit HTML" tab
  • Ensure that newlines will be ignored
  • Publish Post

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