Sunday, November 1, 2009

What HTML does Blogger want for nested lists?

I use orgmode in emacs to write almost all text-based documents, including entries to Blogger. After exporting a region (C-u M-x export-region-as-html) and pasting the result into Blogger, the layout had problems. First, whenever an li element was followed by a newline, Blogger rendered the a linebreak, but I had expected the logical markup to be honored rather than the presentation. More troubling was the fact that nested lists, unordered inside an ordered, did not behave as expected. Namely, the ordered list did not continue numbering after exit from the unordered list. This post is done using the Blogger editing interface so that I can see the HTML that it expects for lists.
  1. OL 1
  2. OL 2
    • UL 1 under OL2
  3. OL 3
OK, so in the Blogger interface I can get nested lists. This gives me some hope.

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