Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Linebreaks, Blogger, and org-mode

These posts are written using org-mode for emacs. Generating HTML output is accomplished by highlighting the region and issuing the command C-u C-c C-e R. [Note: Without the prefix argument (C-u) the HTML will have all the necessary elements (e.g. <html>, =<body>) to be a standalone web page which is not what is needed for Blogger posts.] After signing into Blogger and starting a new post, the exported HTML is copied from the file (again in emacs) and pasted into the "Edit HTML" tab.

Initially I had problems with linebreaks being explicitly added by Blogger which made crummy looking posts. I recall doing two things to fix the problem, both in Blogger itself not emacs or org-mode. First, in the Settings | Formatting tab I changed the entry Convert Line Breaks to "No". Second, in the Posting | New Post tab then Post Options (under the editing region), I ensured that Use <br /> tags was selected.

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